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      Lightweight Portable Security

Lightweight Portable Security - Public edition (LPS-Public) offers for free a safer, easier, non-persistent, multi-platform and DoD-approved means to enter the AF Portal, AKO/DKO, NKO, MOL, webmail and other CAC-restricted websites. Booting from a CD and running only in RAM, LPS-Public installs nothing, does not need administrative rights, and purposely cannot access the hard drive. LPS-Public is great for those with Macintosh, Linux, Windows, etc., those using others' computers and/or for more sensitive or risky cyber activity.

LPS-Public includes a Firefox browser, CAC middleware, and a few other tools within a very thin Linux operating system. You provide an x86 Mac or PC computer and a smartcard reader. The first step is to burn the free ISO image to a CD.

For more information, the ISO image and detailed instructions, proceed to the LPS-Public webpage.