Trusted End Node Security (TENS)

Prior to the 1.7 release, TENS was known as Lightweight Portable Security (LPS).

The Public Deluxe edition is the same as Public, but with additional software that most people might not need in every session, such as LibreOffice, Adobe Reader, Citrix Workspace, and VMWare Horizon.

If you are unable to download .iso format files, or are getting incomplete downloads, you may wish to try the .zip format instead. Note: the file format contained in the ISO is already compressed, so these ZIP files are not meaningfully smaller (and might even be larger).

Important Restrictions

  • A 650MiB/682MB ("74 minutes") CD-ROM will not hold many of the Deluxe editions. A 700MiB ("80 minutes") or larger CD-ROM must be used along with a writer that properly detects such. For the most recent Deluxe editions, we recommend at least a DVD±R disc.
  • Beginning with 3.0, TENS is a 64-bit-only OS and thus is incompatible with 32-bit hardware. If you are using 32-bit hardware, you must use 1.7.6 or earlier.

Read the Release Notes and version history.

Version 3.0.1, released 24 April 2020

Version 3.0.0 was pulled because UEFI booting from USB devices was broken due to an interface modification. No security vulnerabilities were involved. Version 3.0.1 corrects UEFI booting via USB.

Version 1.7.6, released 17 May 2019

Older releases can be found here.

Series 1.7.x source tree, released 20 Jul 2016

Source: 1.2GiB

Encryption Wizard (EW)

Make sure you choose the edition that's right for your needs!

Government Edition Requirements

  • Review the description of EW-Govt and check that you fulfill the requirements. Note that EW-Unified may also qualify for use, depending on your circumstances, and is easier to obtain.
  • For the automated download, a DoD CAC and a web browser configured to use it are required. If you do not have both of those but fulfill the personnel requirements, fill out the request form below, keeping the caveats in mind.

Read the Release Notes and version history.

Version 3.5.8, released 29 Jul 2020

The 3.5.8 release works around startup problems in EW-Unified under recent Java versions. No changes in functionality from 3.5.7 were made to EW-Public nor EW-Govt other than corresponding version strings and support libraries.

Version 3.5.7, released 08 Jan 2020
Version 3.5.6, released 19 Sep 2019

Older releases can be found here.

Bootable Media (BootMe)

All editions of BootMe are custom built, and typically arrangements for retrieval/delivery are made per-organization. They are also FOUO, and certain parts are not Distribution A, so they are not presently available from the public-facing parts of this site. Some organizations have made their BootMe images available for download via the DoD Portal; this requires a CAC and a browser configured to use it.


Cryptographic hashes of the software downloads, updated 10 Aug 2020
This PDF is digitally signed by a certificate with a DoD Certificate Authority at its root. If you or your IT staff have already installed the DoD CA certificates, you will be able to digitally validate the PDF. (To retrieve the root CA package, visit the DISA Public Key site, click the Tools sidebar, and download the InstallRoot utility appropriate to your circumstances.)
Quick Start
User Guide
Request Form

Use this form to request a copy of TENS-Professional.

Bootable Media
Request Form

Use this form to request a copy of Bootable Media.

Encryption Wizard (all editions)
Quick Start
User Guide
Encryption Wizard Government FIPS Edition
Request Form

Use this form to request a copy of EW-Govt if you do not have CAC/PIV access. Be aware of the delay and requirements explained on the EW-Govt page.