Public Edition

Encryption Wizard Public Edition (EW-Public) uses the existing cryptographic facilities already installed with Java to perform AES encryption of whatever kinds of files you need to protect. EW-Public allows you to choose what kinds of key to use for encryption: passwords, "soft" PKI certificates (stored in a .cer/.crt file), or "hard" PKI certificates (stored on a smartcard).

In addition to encryption and decryption, EW also provides other security-related utilities, such as file hashes using standard algorithms, a cryptographically strong random password generator, and secure file deletion. While the default mode of operation is a simple drag-and-drop GUI, most of EW's functionality is also available via a command-line interface, making EW usable by automated scripting tools. EW-Public also provides Keychains, allowing you to keep passwords and other keys easily available during encryption/decryption, and storing those keychains in an encrypted file of their own.

By default, EW-Public uses 128-bit AES, but if you can make changes to your Java installation, then you can unlock 256-bit AES. To make those required changes typically requires administrative privileges, or you may be able to download one of the Server JREs: a version of Java that can be unpacked in an arbitrary user-writeable location on your computer.

EW-Public is approximately half the size of the other editions of Encryption Wizard. It still has all the extra features of those editions, and still uses the same encryption algorithms and key strength, but it does not qualify as FIPS 140-2.