Unified Edition

Encryption Wizard Unified Edition (EW-Unified) uses a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module from The Legion of the Bouncy Castle instead of Java's built-in crypto support. Files encrypted with EW-Unified can be decrypted with other editions of EW, and vice-versa. EW-Govt is accredited for NIPRNet and SIPRNet.

The world-renowned Bouncy Castle cryptography group received FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification in late 2016 with certificate 2768. That library was included in the new "EW-Unified" edition in versions 3.5.0 through 3.5.2. Their next library has certificate 3152 and is included in EW-Unified 3.5.3.

Like the Public edition, there are no extra restrictions on who may use the Unified edition. EW-Unified thus offers the same ease-of-use as EW-Public plus the formal FIPS 140-2 validation due to the crypto library.

The TENS program office extends our thanks to the Legion for making their superb work available to the world.


EW-Unified is certified for NIPRNet and SIPRNet. For accreditation paperwork and SIPRNet notes, see the "DoD Portal" link on the left sidebar.